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When it was first proposed the reform of family medicine, many were apprehensive. How to understand who is a family doctor, how to find him, when to contact him? Moreover, even now there are people who do not really know what kind of doctor this is. Therefore, that this word does not cause a shock, and most importantly, how to choose a doctor competently, and will be written in our article.

Who is a family doctor?

A family doctor is a person who takes the whole family, from the baby to the grandparents. Every family doctor has his own site, which he serves. The service includes the reception of people, both on complaints and prophylactically, for medical examination, recording of documentation and so on.

How it works?

For example: there is a site for which the family doctor is assigned. Every family is served by them. That is, with any complaint, with any question you should immediately go to the family doctor. He knows every family, everyone’s problems. Of course, he cannot know everyone, but if visitors are often examined in the hospital, the doctor will even recognize them on the street.

Plus, knowing every member of the family, a doctor can better diagnose and suspect pathology, because heredity is a very frequent factor. He records all the records in the card, diagnoses in the journal. If necessary, the nurse calls the patient at the reception. After all, few people go to the hospital, and the main task of a family doctor is prevention. It is much better for everyone when on a site people are less ill, and for this it is necessary to carry out educational work: to select for a particular person or whole family food, a regimen, reception of necessary preparations. For the right reference for the same now you can make a visit to

  • For example, a typical situation when a woman after 50 years of problems begins: increases the pressure periodically. The doctor recommends a diet, salt restriction, weight correction, physical activity in the form of fast walking and at the same time prescribes pressure control. He analyzes whether it helped or not, if not, prescribes the drug and then again controls the pressure. During the treatment the doctor knows what helped and what does not, and so knows everything about the patient. And this is the guarantee of good treatment.

And when the patient goes to different doctors, this is the main problem: a doctor at his reception about 20-30 minutes will not be able to understand well in the situation. Herein lies the problem: all go for a large number of doctors, but you just need to find your doctor and trust him completely: constantly telling you about your state of health then it will be good to treat. If it gets worse, it does not mean that the doctor is bad, just did not come up with the drug or dose, this often happens and it is not necessary to run from one to another with complaints: “Nobody can help me.”

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