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Currently, there are a sufficiently large number of effective methods of drug treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The choice of a method of treatment is determined by its invasiveness. In the case of insufficient effectiveness, less invasive techniques become more invasive. Thus, most clinicians begin treatment with the appointment of oral phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5), with insufficient efficacy prescribed intracavernous injections or vacuum devices. It is also possible to carry out combined treatment. With ineffectiveness of such techniques, surgical intervention (phalloprosthetics) is possible. Before you buy sildenafil you should know the following.

Sildenafil – the first inhibitor of PDE-5

Inhibitors of PDE-5 are highly effective and safe oral preparations for the treatment of ED and are recommended as first-line therapy. The number of patients taking these drugs continues to increase in parallel with the increase in the prevalence of ED.

The Inception

In 1998, the drug sildenafil was approved for clinical use. This moment has become not just a starting point for the existence on the pharmacological market of a new medication. He was the beginning of a new era in the field of sexual medicine, marked by a real breakthrough in the fundamental and clinical fields, as well as in the public perception of sexual pathology.

The Effects

Sildenafil was the first effective and safe oral drug for the treatment of ED. The history of the discovery of sildenafil was preceded by the accumulation of knowledge about the role of nitric oxide in the maintenance of the normal functional state of the cardiovascular system, initiated by RR Furchgott and JV Zawadski. Nevertheless, today’s use of the drug as a therapy for ED is an example of how random observation can have a huge impact on the progress of scientific progress. In the course of clinical trials of the antianginal properties of sildenafil, the researchers noted that although the medication is not accompanied by a significant clinical improvement in the course of angina pectoris, in many patients it leads to the development of a kind of “side effect”, which was to improve the erectile function.

The Understandinf

The discovery of sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of PDE-5, has led to numerous fundamental studies showing that this particular type of enzyme dominates cavernous tissue, which ensures the selectivity of the drug’s effects. It should be noted that these studies also revealed the mechanisms of action and other drugs that have been used for a long time in clinical practice, in particular, papaverine and prostaglandin E1, and significantly expand knowledge about the mechanism of erection and its disturbances leading to ED.

The appearance of sildenafil had a great influence on clinical research in the field of sexual medicine. In recent years, terminology has been refined, new definitions of different forms of sexual disorders have been developed. Clinical trials of sildenafil have stimulated the creation of new diaries and questionnaires to assess the status of men’s sexual function. Analysis of the demographic parameters of participants in large-scale clinical trials made it possible to identify risk factors for ED, which, in turn, contributed to an understanding of its pathogenesis.


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