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It will be a question of a tool that was discovered by the aborigines of Australia and which in our modern world occupies an honorable, but, unfortunately, not all well-known, place.

Description: colorless oil, odorless.

Method of obtaining: the oil is obtained from fat deposits on the back of ostriches (by extracting and fractioning fat), this is one of the products of the industrial breeding of these birds. In this case, 5-6 liters of product are obtained from one bird.

Emu oil is a natural product that strengthens the processes of cell renewal and slows down skin aging. Being a non-comedogenic product, Emu Oil moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores and, therefore, without causing the appearance of acne (acne).

Important therapeutic and cosmetic effects of Emu Oil:

– skin regeneration;

– activation of hair growth;

– healing of scars and scars;

– reduces traces of burns and small wounds;

– Heals boils;

– relieves discomfort after intense physical exertion (with convulsions, sprains, arthritis, rheumatism);

– reduces skin irritation caused by skin diseases such as eczema, ichthyosis and psoriasis;

– prevents cellulite and stretch marks;

– prevents wrinkles and slows the aging process of the skin;

Main characteristics of Emu Oil:

– hypoallergenic

– has no side effects

– it is quickly absorbed, without leaving fat shine

– not comedogenic

– interferes with reproduction of bacteria

– has a slight sunscreen effect

Fatty acid composition,%

Myristic (14: 0) 0.3

Palmitic (16: 0) 22.2

Palmitoleic (16: 1) 3.8

Stearic (18: 0) 8.4

Oleic (18: 1) 49.3

Linoleic (18: 2) 14,5

gamma-linolen (18: 3) 0,8

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