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postheadericon Best tips to learn Piano at Home

Do you dream of excellent performing musical works and creating magic sounds when you touch the piano keys? For this, it is not necessary to graduate from a music school: you can get basic knowledge yourself. Here you can find how to play piano at home.To succeed in music classes, you need to take note of such useful recommendations:

Take the music instrument carefully.

Expert recommends buying a new tool in a specialized store and listening to the advice of a professional consultant.

Do not forget to set up the piano.

The tool requires adjustment, and for this, you need a customizer. Do not forget about the services of a specialist and after purchase. Call it at the first signs of falsehood in the sound of notes.

Sit down straight and keep your back straight.

Shoulders should be straightened; hands should lie relaxed and relaxed on the keys.By training the correct posture and position of the body every day, you will quickly get used to it and will soon be sitting at the piano properly.

The rules exist not only for a beautiful, proud looking kind of tool. The main reason is that in this position the back and limbs do not get tired and do not become numb, allowing you to transfer long lessons of the game to the piano without damage to health and health.

Do not forget about the length of the nails.

Those who want to learn how to play the piano; it is worthwhile to understand that long nails actively interfere with this. First of all, the knock itself spoils the melody. Also, the pins do not allow movements to be explicit and can be broken in the process of training.

Practice every day.

Even 15 minutes of daily training will significantly benefit your skills. If your goal is to learn the basics of playing the piano quickly, do not be lazy and do not spare your time for regular training for the instrument.

Remember the correct position of the fingers.

The little finger should lie on the fifth note, the unnamed – on the fourth, the middle – on the third, the index finger – on the second, and the thumb answers the first note on the piano. Do all exercises using the correct location of the fingers. This will help to keep the right pace and technique.

Learn music notation.

Without theory, the lessons cannot be dispensed with. Learn the notes, their location, and sound.After you become oriented in the keys, try to play melodies on the piano.

Find the right motivation.

If one desires to learn to play a little, it is worth considering other advantages, such as the development of sight, hearing, memory and motor skills of the hands.Remember: music is the inspiration and a great way to please yourself and others.